Fitmeals India Collaboration With Nestle a+ Grekyo

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Nestle a+. Now you can get a Nestle a+ Grekyo with every breakfast meal! What makes Nestle GREKYO Greek Yoghurt special is its rich, thick and creamy texture, and the extra goodness of milk protein and calcium. It is low in fat so can be enjoyed as a part of a healthy diet. Here Are A Few Health …

June 16, 20210 comments

5 reasons why you should eat mangoes- Myth busting Mondays

The mango season is nearing an end right now and if for any reason you’ve avoided mangos like a plague then this article is just for you. We often hear a lot of myths about eating mangos and these can’t get any more ridiculous so now’s the time to bust these myths:  Mangos cause acne- If you’re someone who suffers with acne then you must have co …

June 7, 20210 comments

A guide to clean bulking

Want to gain weight or build muscle? The only solution is to eat surplus. Contrary to what most people think, it’s actually very hard to lean bulk- it involves eating a lot of calories even if you don’t have the appetite for it. Here are a few tips: 💪🏽Start with adding additional 500 kcal first and then slowly build up. 💪&#x1f3fd …

May 28, 20210 comments
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