Want to gain weight or build muscle?
The only solution is to eat surplus.
Contrary to what most people think, it’s actually very hard to lean bulk- it involves eating a lot of calories even if you don’t have the appetite for it.

Here are a few tips:
💪🏽Start with adding additional 500 kcal first and then slowly build up.
💪🏽It’s easier to drink calories than to eat them so incorporate dense smoothies into your plan.
💪🏽Aim for 1.8-2kg protein per kg body weight- Add a protein supplement if needed.
💪🏽Make sure you snack well between your meals.
💪🏽Add nuts and nut butters for extra calories.
💪🏽Do more of strength training and cardio.

You can check out our Athletic plan that focuses on building muscle while simultaneously losing fat.


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